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All About Automotive Businesses In America

Are you searching for reliable information on automotive businesses in America? If so, you have come to the right place. America has one of the largest automobile markets across the globe with over 17.2-million light vehicle units sold in 2018. In fact, it was the fourth straight year where sales surpassed 17-million units of vehicles. America is the 2nd-largest market for vehicle sales and production in the world. This article provides information on automotive businesses in the United States.

After Honda opened its first vehicle manufacturing plant in the US in 1982, almost all major Japanese, European, and Korean automakers have entered the market and invested more than $75-billion in the industry. In fact, foreign-owned automakers are responsible for providing more than 400,000 jobs to US citizens. Most of these manufacturers have their own R&D departments, engine & transmission plants, and do vehicle testing in the United States. The total foreign direct investment reached approximately $114.6 billion in the US automotive industry in 2018. Some of the most prominent automotive businesses in America include:

General Motor Company

General Motor Company is one of the top automotive businesses in the United States. It manufactures, sells, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts across the country as well as worldwide. The company has a market share of around $53.66 billion with a revenue of $115.8 billion. The company employs around 180,000 workers who are committed to the continuous growth of the business.

Deere And Company

Deere And Company is among the top 10 automotive businesses in the United States. The company mainly deals with landscaping, agriculture, and ground care vehicles. Deere And Company has a market share of around $50.37 billion. The company has more than 180 years of experience in the industry.

Tesla Inc

A 2019 market report reveals that Tesla Inc has a market share of $47.57 billion in the United States. The company has become quite popular in recent years for its electric cars and innovative designs. They are also known for running some of the famous space projects in the country.

Nissan Motors

Nissan Motors is a multinational automobile giant in the US. The company is famous for designing passenger vehicles, marine equipment, marine parts, and more. Nissan Motors is also popular for offering financing and leasing services to customers in America who want to own their first vehicle.

Toyota Motors

North America is now home to 11 Toyota manufacturing companies, which in 2002 passed the 10-million-unit milestone for total number of vehicles produced on the continent. Through three distributors and a vast sales network composed of over 1,750 sales companies, over two million Toyota vehicles (Lexus included) are sold in North America each year.



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